Living Generously

Note: Living Generously is the first in a set of three film series on the subject of generosity.  We call the series ReImagine Generosity (see below, beneath the information on Living Generously), or visit the new site at is a five-part film series that explores the heart of generosity and encourages your family, your group, your class or your church to commit to a more radical generosity modeled on the self-giving of Christ.

What is your sacrifice to God — right now, today? Are you giving your first and your best? Are you giving the spotless sheep? Or are you giving the “stinky sheep,” the least and the leftovers? This series tells the story of the family of Frank and Cassie Donovan, who, inspired by the gardener, completely reevaluate how they give back. In the first film, Frank is challenged by an act of generosity from his son. In the second, Frank has a dream in which his money testifies against him and the very limited, convenient generosity he has shown so far in life. In the third film, Frank begins to go beyond writing checks to actually serving the least of these in person. In the fourth, his sense of comfort in his wealth is radically undermined when the person dearest to him is placed in danger. And in the final film of the series, Frank and his family make an extraordinary commitment to a life of radical generosity.

The response to the series has been overwhelmingly positive. When churches invest in this material, the return is a more engaged, committed, and radically generous congregation. Tim Keller has called the series “excellent, accessible and practical.” Chip Ingram says it is “excellent, powerful and penetrating . . . speak[ing] to the heart of what Kingdom stewardship is all about.” And John Trent calls The ReImagine Group’s films “the best video tools for helping you bring home a message of God’s love, hope, sacrifice, gift, serving and Kingdom that I have ever seen. Period.”

Two megachurch pastors, Chip Ingram and Randy Pope, have been employing The ReImagine Group videos for the past two years, with great success. Our focus group results suggest that more pastors are eager for short films that drive home biblical messages and can provide a centerpiece for or at least an accompaniment to a sermon. Even without a promotion and distribution plan, the first film The ReImagine Group produced, Coffee, was seen by 75,000 people. Another film, Bullseye, after it was shown at Randy Pope’s Perimeter Church and featured on the church website, spread to over 120 countries. We pray for even greater success with the series, the first series we are promoting rigorously.

We are also happy to report that we’re currently developing a followup series, Loving Generously, in which the Donovan family continues to pursue radical kingdom living. Look for the Loving Generously series in the Fall of 2013.




“This is an excellent, accessible, and practical study experience introducing participants to the cru­cial theme of Biblical generosity.”

Tim Keller, founding pastor of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City

“Excellent, powerful, short, and penetrating are the words that come to mind when I talk to pastors and small group leaders about the Living Generously series from The ReImagine Group. The message is Biblical, creatively written and directed, and speaks to the heart of what Kingdom stewardship is all about. I highly recommend them!”

Chip Ingram, author of The Genius of Generosity, teaching pastor of Living on the Edge

“As a speaker, I’ve had the honor of using Coffee, RE, and Chosen as foundational ‘pictures’ in mes­sages I’ve given to churches of all different denominations and sizes, as well as to men’s and women’s groups. The result is always the same. As I look out on the audience watching these videos, they’re fully engaged. As I talk to them afterwards (and their pastors and leaders), their hearts have been grabbed. Their eyes and desire to ‘do something’ about what they’ve seen and heard opened. Every video I’ve seen from The ReImagine Group illustrates a Kingdom principle so clearly, it brings the scripture it’s based on to life today. They are, in my opinion, simply the best video tools for helping you bring home a message of God’s love, hope, sacrifice, gift, service, and Kingdom that I have ever seen. Period.”

John Trent, PhD, president of StrongFamilies and award-winning author of The Blessing

“An incredible resource to enhance small groups and sermons. We’ve used them for both and watched God’s truth come alive. Once you see just one of these films, you’ll understand why.”

Randy Pope, head pastor of Perimeter Church in Atlanta, Georgia

“The cinematographic quality of the films, combined with a solid Scriptural script, engages the heart and challenges the mind. Wise are you to take advantage of these inspiring and instructive tools that creatively illustrate and communicate God’s principles.”

Boyd Bailey, CEO of Ministry Ventures

“The heartwarming and humorous stories in this series remind us that the true blessings of life are found in our generosity to others. Giving and service go hand in hand. This series will be a ‘must have’ for our church.”

Dr. Cathy Robbs Turner, director of education at Christ United Methodist Church

“I received nothing but positive feedback about the videos. Everyone agreed that their quality was fantastic—very effective in communicating aspects of the biblical message that are simply difficult to communicate through words alone.”

Mark Flynn, pastor of Christ United Methodist Church